May 29, 2024

4 Ways to Support Healthy Digestion as You Age

4 Ways  to Support Healthy Digestion as You Age

Looking to maintain your digestive health as you get older? Aging may have an impact on your digestive system , but according to the Cleveland Clinic, your lifestyle plays a big role in your digestive health. Making some basic changes can help support your digestive system at any age:  

Eat a gut-friendly diet

Some simple dietary changes can help support healthy digestion. Start by adding more fiber to your meals—raw veggies, fruits, and whole grains are great sources. Also, avoid white foods, such as bread and rice, and reduce your salt intake.

Add a probiotic supplement

Probiotics are “good” bacteria that can contribute in many positive ways to your digestive system depending on species and strain. Looking for the some of the best probiotics to support digestive health?* Try Nature’s Bounty® Ultra Strength Probiotic 10, a one-per-day formula with 20 billion live probiotic cultures from 10 distinct probiotic strains. If you prefer taking a gummy supplement, Nature’s Bounty® Probiotic Gummies are a delicious way to help you retain digestive balance.*

Stay active

Many people become less physically active as they get older. But among many other health benefits, exercise can help improve digestive health by preventing constipation. Aim for at least 150 minutes of physical activity each week to support healthy digestion.

Getting enough fiber in your diet

Getting enough fiber in your diet is key to supporting digestive health. 

Don’t get enough fiber from the foods you eat? Try Fiber Choice® Fruity Bites, convenient prebiotic fiber gummies that promote regularity and healthy gut bacteria for immune health.*

Hopefully, these tips will help keep your gut feeling great at any age!

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